Our Cathedral is more than a beautiful building. It is a sacred place in which our patron, Christ the King, finds a special presence among His people…be it in the silent shadows where a lone soul offers a prayer or at a splendid liturgy where all worship together. Here in this place God’s love is echoed. Here this family, our family, finds a home, a way to belong, not only in the assembled congregation, but also in the multiple ministries that weave the fabric of our Church life.

The many ministries of Christ the King give life to the parish. In all that we are and all that we do, we pray that we shall be united in our vision of growing as a believing, praying and caring family. We especially encourage you to become a part of some smaller community within the wide parish to experience more completely a sense of belonging and to share more fully the gift of yourself.

Thank you for being part of this parish family–may all who enter here be at home with us in this, the “Father’s House.”

Liturgy and Worship
Music Ministry
Hispanic Ministry
Adult Enrichment and Evangelization
Youth Ministry
Family and Childrens Ministry
Pastoral Care Ministry
Recreation and Social Ministry
Administration Ministry
Boards and Councils